Verdugo Woodlands

Verdugo Woodlands is widely thought of as the “Storybook Homes” neighborhood located just north of Glendale Community College.
The iconic part of the Woodlands is located west of Canada Blvd., off streets like Opechee, Wabasso and Don Carlos.  These streets are characterized by the lush tree canopy, graciously maintained character homes and abundant deer, birds and other native wildlife.

However, the Woodlands also encompasses the neighborhoods to the east of Canada and along Verdugo Rd. Architectural styles range from the aforementioned character homes to tidy mid century ranch style and, in the higher elevations, 80’s and younger contemporary homes.  There are a few 2 to 4 unit buildings and even fewer condo and townhouse developments.



Parks include both Verdugo Park, location of many City Events and the Skateboard Park, as well as Glorietta Park.

The Verdugo Woodlands West Homeowners Association is an active group whose focus is to preserve and watch out for the unique needs of the Woodlands community.  The group maintains a strong voice in the City Council.

The Homeowners Association is only part of the strong neighborhood identity.  The glue that makes the Woodlands one of the most cohesive in all Glendale is the Dad’s Club.  Founded in 1957, the Dad’s got together and built a Youth House for meetings, recreation and community events.

Another completely unique Verdugo Woodlands experience is Father’s Follies.  This fundraiser for Verdugo Woodlands Elementary is the longest running school fundraiser in Glendale and it is absolutely wild.  It involves the most courageous and manly men in all the land prancing about in hilarious and over the top drag.  Everyone should go at least once.

Significant buildings include the Verdugo Adobe and the Rodriguez House on Niodrara Dr., designed by Rudolf Schindler.

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