Day 51- Let’s Go To Italy

On day 51 in 365 Things To Do In Glendale, Ca, take a lunch trip to Italy via Mario’s Italian Deli and Market.

Located on Broadway just off Glendale Ave., Mario’s is practically a Glendale institution.  It has been in the same location and looked exactly the same, inside and out, for my entire life.

In my day the Meatball Sub was the must have sandwich, but everyone has their favorites.  Here are some quotes from Mario’s fans:

My favorite is the cold roast beef. extra onions and sauce please.

Egg Salad or the Coppa Secca.

I really like the combo cold sub

The sandwiches are amazing, my personal favorite is a custom: capicolla, spicy sopressata, imported mortadella (you gotta have the pistachios!), provologne with all the veggies, mustard, no mayo and no center bread. Side that samich with a few olives, or marinated shrooms, or pepper shooters (marinated cherry peppers stuffed with a chunk of provologne wrapped in prosciutto) and you are good to go!

Ordered the S.O.B. and I must say it is aptly named.  Double Decker sub loaded with Boar’s Head salami, thinly sliced oven-roasted chicken, and a crap load of veggies, it was heavenly for someone who was starved after missing breakfast.

Are you hungry, yet? The grocery store is also amazing.

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