Day 55- Kim’s Kitchen

On day 55 in 365 Things To Do In Glendale, CA we are going to have a meal at Kim’s Kitchen on Colorado Blvd.

This “don’t blink or you’ll miss it” hole in the wall combines a whole bunch of favorite things in one delicious place.  A few items, cooked really well.  A clean and unpretentious space.  Friendly service (even if the English is a bit broken).  Reasonable prices.  Tasty.  What more do I need to say?

Now, if you are not familiar with Korean food, a few tips.  If it is really red, it is probably as hot as it looks.  But, it is a sweet sort of hotness and it really grows on you.  There are pictures on the wall of all the items they serve.  The English descriptions on the menu are helpful, but the pictures really tell it all.

It is customary to serve several small plates at the start of every meal.  These are included in the price of the meal and are pre-selected by the chef.  In my opinion, these small plates are the point of the meal!  There is a near endless variety and the flavors are generally pretty intense and very interesting- in a good way.

My carniverous family loves the Korean BBQ short ribs (Kalbi) which we eat with lots of kimchee and rice.  There is also bee bim bop – sort of like a rice salad ( I think I love to eat it because I love to say it) and son tofu soup- a rich beefy broth redolent with red hot chiles and fresh, soft tofu.  They serve it so hot the bowl snaps and bubbles like Dante’s Inferno.

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