Review: Glendale Car Wash

Today I meant to go to my usual car wash… but this one caught my eye. the “intake” guy was very nice. He did try, a few times, to get me to upgrade, but he was more exploring than pushy.
The inside was nice and clean.

The waiting area outside had pleasant chairs and tables and nicely shaded. I could have done without the cigarette smoke wafting my way, but, sigh, what can you do?

While waiting, a pleasant man noticed I was on my iPad and suggested that I use the free wifi connection. Turns out he is Hamid, the owner of the business for about 2 years. He was quite nice and helpful.

An older Armenian gentleman was finishing my car, using compressed air to blow out the water from all those crevasses (I was very impressed with that) and he did a completely fabulous job on the interior- better, even, than my normal place. Debris was piled neatly on my back seat so I could sort through it and the inside of the windows sparkled. I don’t know about you, but I find this is where most car wash guys skimp.

I thanked him in Armenian and that got a huge smile- normally I get blank stares when I do that (as I am clearly not Armenian!), so I went away feeling pretty darn good.

I will definitely come back.

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