A Contingent Sale- A Homebuyer’s Experience

This the next installment of my video series- Real Clients,  Experiences in Home Buying and Home Selling.

Trying to get from house “A” to house “B” is one of the most stressful transactions for most people. Unless you are rich, these are your options

Buy a home, then sell your current home
Pro- You can wait for the perfect home
Con- You’ll have two mortgage
Con- You’ll probably feel pressure to sell your current home for less money


Sell your home, then buy
Pro- You won’t feel pressure to sell
Con- you might move twice
Con- if you don’t go to an in between place you’ll feel pressure to buy

There is a third way and it is the plan everyone assumes they want- make an offer on the right home contingent on the sale of their current one.  Perfection!  No pressure to buy, just wait for the right home, no problem to sell because if you don’t get your price, you’ll just walk away from the purchase, no harm, no foul.
Maureen Follingstad tells her story of just such a transaction.  She covers her idealistic beginnings, the surprises she encountered along the way, and her sage advice for any who follow her path.  This is a story that will enlighten and entertain.

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