A First Time Buyer Experience

This First Time Buyer Experience video is the third in a series of interviews designed to share the stories of real people who are buying and selling homes right now.

Dr. Raymond Kwok and Dr. Hillary Kim were first time buyers earlier this year.  These “kids” are intelligent professionals who are very internet savvy.  Since they didn’t need a Realtor to help them find homes, it had not occurred to them they needed their own Realtor.  By the time I met them they had tried buying on their own- searching on the internet and going to open homes.  When they found one they liked they just used the agent that was most convenient.  Like many buyers, Hillary and Ray thought all agents were pretty much alike.

Oh, Lordy.  In this particular case it did not work out well.  That agent turned out to be a perfectly nice and well meaning person who was incapable of being truly helpful.  After losing a few homes in multiple offer situations (the best homes, right now, often have more than one offer), Hillary and Ray decided to find and interview an agent that would understand  what they needed.
Hillary shares her story of frustration and the steps she and Ray took to finally get their home.
A First Time Home Buyer Experience

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