A New House – The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

You did it again.  Mother’s Day is here and you are without a gift.

It isn’t for lack of trying.  After all, what do you give the woman who birthed you through great pain and sacrifice?  How do you honor the sleepless nights, the constant worry, the financial support?  Flowers are cliche, she wants to lose weight, so chocolates are out, and a scarf is so yesterday.

We think you should buy Mom a house.

Now, buying a home is even more personal than buying jewelry, so , maybe, you should let Mom pick out the house she wants.  Returning a house isn’t very easy or convenient, after all.

At DIGGS we anticipate your needs.  It is one of our “things”.  We present the complete Mother’s Day Open House list, complete with our best bets for Mom!  Take her out for a lovely brunch, tell her that she gets to pick out her gift ,and then whisk her away for a home tour.  It is a Mother’s Day she’ll never forget.

Is Mom partial to one story homes?  359 Cumberland is just the ticket.  Located high above the street, this classic ranch style home enjoys all of the “upness” , light, privacy and views that a two story might have, just on one floor.  This is the part of Cumberland that curves gracefully about the mountain, and the interior is completely remodeled.

Maybe your Mom is young at heart. and looking for a cool and hip lifestyle.  Doran Lofts are for her!  These urban loft style condos are the ultimate in chic lifestyle with wide open spaces, expansive patios and tons of light.

My Mom was a fan of classic architecture.  Is that more like you Mom?  Check out this romantic two story Spanish next to Nibly park in Rossmoyne.  This sensitive restoration blends the old with the new so seamlessly it is hard to tell which is which.  The grounds are made of magical outdoor rooms and every corner holds a vintage detail that is beautiful to behold.

True, Mountain is a bit of a busy street and the park is right next door.  Does your Mom crave peace and quiet?  Check out this landmark home in Montecito Park.  With over 4000 sf of rich architectural details and 18,000 of extensive, manicured grounds, Mom will have the room to pursue any of her heart’s desires.

There are my best bets for Mom!!  Each one is breathtaking in it’s own way.  I am sure she will find one of these the perfect Mother’s Day gift.  But, just in case she wants something just a little different, here is a complete open house list.  Now, go forth and make your Momma happy, because we all know, “If Momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy”!

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