Closing a Glendale Home Sale is Tough

Why did you do THAT?!My lovely buyers just closed escrow…

on a lovely Glendale home. But, the escrow period was really really difficult. The sellers were obstinate and unfair, but my buyers still bought the home. Why?

Every request was denied…

no matter how small, no matter how reasonable, . Toward the end of escrow the seller decided to use a different termite company at a vastly lower price without telling any one. The buyer, naturally, was concerned that the new termite company was shoddy, had not done the specified work and/or was disreputable. The seller didn’t care.

The seller even had the audacity to assume my buyers would let him stay longer than the agreed upon close of escrow date- just because he wanted to.

At the very, very, end the seller even lied about installing the smoke detectors- a state mandated law.

To say my buyers feelings were hurt…

is an understatement.

To say that my buyers wanted to tell the seller, “take your home and shove it, we’re walking away”, is also an understatement, and much nicer than what they actually said. (To me. In private.)

Why did my buyers stay in the deal?

Why did they close?

It is a great house in Glendale and a good deal- not the steal of the century, but a good deal.

In the end my people decided that they would rather have the house than be right. They realized that reacting emotionally was not in their best interests. I **might** have influenced that decision.

Residential real estate is often a very emotional affair.

Because of this fact, everyone feels like they have to make all the compromises.

When you buy a Glendale home, your feelings will probably get hurt. Don’t be “right”. Be smart. If this is a good house at “X”, it is still a good house at “X- the repair credit or possession date or whatever”. In short order, your feelings will heal and you’ll be living in a wonderful home in a wonderful area.

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