Did I Buy the Wrong Glendale House?

The Problem

Handy man PictureGirlfriend called yesterday.  She’s wondering, ” Did I make a mistake in buying my Glendale  house back in ’06?”

Girlfriend got caught up, like so many of us, in the whirlwind days of multiple offers and double digit appreciation.  In order to scoop a deal, she bought her home directly from the listing agent without careful consideration of her priorities and needs.  Honestly, Girlfriend got a fabulous “deal” in terms of the price paid.  But, was it the right deal for her?

You see, Girlfriend is a busy Entertainment Executive and she was/is a new bride.  Girlfriend’s new Hubby is not exactly Mr. Fixit…. and this house was a cosmetic fixer.  See the train wreck coming?

Fast forward to today.  Girlfriend has spent lots of money on a house that has gone down in value.  Hubby resents the mortgage payments on a house that continually needs more maintenance, upgrades and money.  They both realize they should have bought a townhouse or a home that was already fixed up.  They want to sell.  But they shouldn’t.

Lessons Learned

In this case Girlfriend did not have someone who was looking at her “Big Picture”.  A true Buyer’s Agent needs to understand what a house represents to a person’s life and advise accordingly.  There are many important priorities- convenience, safety, value, entertainment, family, self-actualization (a house that represents who you are in this world).  These are ALL important to almost everyone, but the ORDER of importance is different for everyone.

For Girlfriend and Hubby, convenience was the most important priority, but she bought a home based on value.

If you are a Home Buyer

Take a page from this lesson book.  Choose a Realtor as carefully as you would choose any professional.  Find one who is experienced, honest and one you feel you understand.  The Realtor you choose should really listen to you and they should demonstrate that they understand your priorities.  Because it is never just about price.

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