Evernote- Be an Organized Homebuyer or Homeseller

I am a bit of a detail nut.  Are you?

In the dark ages of paper I had an impressive collection of manila folders, three ring binders and electronic label makers.

Today I have an app called Evernote.  This electronic notebook allows me to capture all kinds of information- pdfs that are emailed, written notes to myself, pictures, voice notes, web pages and more- and I can organize them just like I would in a three ring binder or series of manila folders.

I think this app can be a huge help for active home buyers and sellers!  There are many advantages over a physical notebook.

  1. Save electronic data like pdfs and web pages
  2. Access your notes on your smartphone or desktop
  3. Create picture notes or voice notes with your smartphone
  4. Share your notebook with friends and family
  5. Easily find any bit of information by typing a few words into the search box

This application is FREE and you can download it HERE.

The link will take you to the Evernote site where you can download the app and view short tutorial videos.  If I were a home buyer or seller, this is how I would organize my information on Evernote.


  • Houses
    • Save web pages of house you like
    • Take pictures when you visit with the Evernote App on your smartphone
  • Community
    • Visit websites like, or even
    • Save information about your potential neighborhoods
  • Realtor/Lender/Escrow
    • A lot of your paperwork will come as a pdf.  Save it here.
    • Emails- you can forward emails directly to Evernote
  • Home Improvement
    • Contractor information
    • Information on things you need to buy
    • Bids and contracts
    • Measurements


  • Houses
    • Save reports of competing houses
  • Things To Pass Along
    • List of trusted service providers
    • Helpful tips about your home
  • Home Improvement
    • Take a picture of receipts for money spent to prepare the house for sale.  Use the Evernote App on your smartphone to snap the picture.
  • Realtor/Lender/Escrow
    • Save all of the documents sent to you via email

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