How to Buy a Glendale Home

I had a delightful call this morning.  A brand, spanking new First Time Home Buyer called and said, “I want to buy a home, but I don’t know what to do.  I bought a book, I ask my friends and I am just confused.  I don’t want to make an expensive mistake.”

The call was delightful because this buyer was being so very, very smart.  She got a couple of recommendations on a Realtor to Trust (**ahem**, that would be moi) and she is starting to get her research done- her questions asked and answered- her ducks in a row.  This is very different than the buyer who blunders into an open house and buys blindly from a Realtor that may, or may not, have the buyers interests in mind.

I have a phenomenal section in my website for buyers called The Buyer’s Roadmap.  This is a series of articles designed to walk you through the process from deciding to buy to moving in.  If 2010 is your year to end the rental madness, click on in.  Remember, the Home Buyer Tax Credit is valid for homes in escrow by April 31, 2010.

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