My Neighborhood is Better Than Yours…..

One of the most common questions a buyer asks (after, “how low can I go?”) is, “what is the best Glendale neighborhood?”.

Obviously the answer is almost entirely subjective, but the real question is some form of, “who lives here?”

It is a question I can’t answer!  Seriously. It is against the law.  I know that seems ridiculous, seeing as how I am the neighborhood expert and all, but I am simply not allowed.  I answer this question by pointing my clients to resources such as Crime Reports or Megan’s Law (for sex offenders) and Great Schools for school information.

I have a new resource for you to check out!  The New York Times released Mapping America, Every City, Every Block. Using US Census data and overlaying it onto Google Maps, this interactive tool lets you see statistics on income, home values, racial and ethnic distribution, education level, median monthly rent- Whew!  It is a massive amount of data-geek fun.

Here’s a little peek at the median home value change in upper 91202.

Mapping America, Glendale 91202

Check it out a play a little bit.  You can be the toast of the next neighborhood gathering by telling everyone why your neighborhood absolutely rocks!

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  1. Steve says:

    Uhmmm… Seriously… My neighborhood is better then yours. The only place in Los Angeles to live is in the Verdugo Woodlands. Why would you want to live anywhere else?

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