Sometimes, the Good Guys Win

heart houseI want to tell you a story about love.

Buying and selling residential real estate is highly emotional. The seller is letting go of a whole section of their life- the memories made in this home are a part of the essential being. A buyer is dreaming of memories that are to come- holidays, birthdays, special moments and ordinary ones.

It is emotional, no matter what anyone says.

I have a  Realtor friend in another state who listed a house that had one family for nearly 50 years. Children had been raised, countless holiday dinners consumed,  moments were lived. It was, and is, a happy, happy house.

One of the potential buyers treated this like a straight business transaction and the goal in business is to WIN.  However, all he did was offend the seller and the seller canceled his deal.  Emotional.

My friend said the sellers chose new buyers,  buyers who are a “less than optimal”  business choice.  They are not as well qualified and the do not have huge piles of cash.   But they have love.

They love the house, they love the land.  They love the sellers for picking them.  This will be the new family home forever and ever and they will fix  it up as they need and when they have the money.  They are in no hurry- they have lots of time.  Profit is not part of the picture for them.

And the sellers love them.  Their story is the same as the buyer’s story,  large family, just getting by,  scraps into the only house large enough for everyone.  Fancy is not important, only the needs of the family.

The road has been rocky and, at times, everyone was operating on blind faith that it would work out.  Periodically I would call and my friend would say, “this deal should not happen- but I think it will anyway”.

On Thanksgiving Day my good friend told me that this deal- a deal built on love and faith- was going to close right after the holiday.  I can not think of a better way to start the season.

Residential real estate is a business, that is true.  But if you ignore the people, if you ignore the emotions, you might  be missing the point.  Money is important, but it isn’t everything.

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