The Future of Real Estate… Is Here

The Future of Real Estate... Is HereDo you ever wonder how I come up with all my brilliant marketing ideas?

Like many true professionals, I take time to attend conferences and trade great ideas with the most brilliant minds in my industry.

My favorite conference is the Inman Connect conference in San Francisco. Over a thousand leaders of the industry come together from all over the world to discuss with and learn from one another.

Here are just a few of the neat ideas I incorporate into my real estate business.

For the Homeowner

For the homeowner there is an interesting service called BrightNest.   This online resource gives you the tools, tips and reminders you need to stay on top of home maintenance.   Enter a few bits of information about your home and BrightNest will provide expert tips, easy to follow guides and weekly reminders on the maintenance of your home.  As my loyal Reader, you have access to a FREE premium subscription.  Just click on the link to get started.

For the Buyers

Wow- most of the innovation in real estate technology is focused on YOU.  We want to make the home search easier, more immediate, and useful.  One head turning idea is an app called Homesnap.  Take a picture of a home using Homesnap on your smartphone.  Homesnap knows where you are and scours the internet for the current listing information and delivers it to you on the spot.  The demo was very slick and I think it could really contribute to the home searching experience.  I am signed up to be a beta tester of this app- it is due out this fall.

For the Sellers

I think most of you know that great marketing of homes happens on the internet.  Last year 86% of all home buyers used the internet to search for homes- this year the percentage is likely to be much higher.

But, how do you cut through all of the noise on the internet to find your one “right” buyer?  How will YOUR home stand out amongst the crowd?

The answer is video.  Video helps to answer the important question, “What does it feel like to live in that house?”.  “How do the rooms flow?”, “What features are special and why?”, “What is the community like?”, “How do the current owners live in the home?”- these are questions that can’t be answered by still pictures or a floor plan.

The most innovative and effective marketing being done today is in video.  I am pleased to tell you that I was mentioned several times by different speakers as an example of a “Realtor who does video right”.  I, along with a few of my peers in Orange County, Massachusetts, Calgory, and Australia are leading the way in video marketing. Video is truly a global trend in real estate marketing and I am honored to be considered amongst the leaders in this arena.

The Real Estate Transaction

Consumers, today, consistently state that the real estate transaction seems too complicated, inconvenient and not transparent.

The paperwork is insane and most consumers are confused and buried beneath multiple versions of the same document and emails with huge attachments.

Cartavi is one of the recent technologies that wants to simplify that process. This elegant and easy to use system helps the consumer and Realtor streamline and organize the huge mound of paperwork needed in every real estate transaction.  Hosted on the cloud, the consumer can access any document instantly on their smart device, tablet or computer.  No more lugging around a huge file folder while you are in escrow!


This is just a taste of the innovations I have recently added to my real estate business- but I never lose sight of the fact that buying and selling homes is about people, not computers.

My goal is to make the buying and selling of homes as easy as possible.  If I do my job right, you won’t even notice the tools I use to make it happen.

(image courtesy Express Monorail via Flickr creative commons)

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