Update: What’s My Price?

Wow- you guys really like this game!  So, I am working this out as we go, but I am sure you guys would like to know what the results of the survey are, right?

First, a small recap for any new visitors.  Last week I invited my readers to play a game called, “What’s My Price?”  (You can read the post by clicking the title).  I gave you most of the information I used when analyzing the price on my soon to launch listing in Northwest Glendale.

At the end of the post there is an opportunity to register your guess for the likely sales price of the home. Here are the results, so far.

Summary of What's My Price?So far it looks like most people are going for the upper end of the range.  Are they right?  Register your opinion today! (Vote, here)


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  1. BILL WAIS says:

    So what did you decide to list it for? You can’t play a game like this and not give out the answer!

  2. Mike T says:

    Need Answer, Must Validate Self, Esteem Fading…

  3. Mike T says:

    HA !!! Nailed It !!!!!
    slight cheat, you used the same formula when you sold our house
    worked like a charm then, you are the BOMB!
    No, you are…
    No, you are…

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