Which Glendale Real Estate Agent is Best For You?

How To Pick the Right Agent

Selling your home may be one of the biggest financial decisions you make in your life. It is vital that you choose an agent you can trust and be honest with relative to your goals and expectations. Teamwork is a necessity. Both you and your agent need to be working off the same page.  If you don’t share with your agent EXACTLY what you are looking to accomplish, it will be difficult for your agent to help you to their best of their ability. A great agent is focused solely on your needs. At the same time you need to open to hearing the truth about what it will take to sell your home in today’s market. Even if you have bought and sold in the past, today’s market is different. What worked best for you in the past may not work in the same way right now.
It is extremely important to articulate the following with any agent you are interviewing:

  1. Your motivation for selling.
  2. The price you are hoping to sell your home for including how you arrived at this   price and why this price is important to you.
  3. The ideal timing for your sale.
  4. Your plans if your home does not sell.
  5. Your budget or lack of budget for recommended repairs, improvements, and staging recommendations.
  6. What you are looking for in a real estate agent.
  7. Full disclosure about the property both good and bad.
  8. Any questions or concerns you have about the home selling process.

Here are some more things you may want to consider in selecting the best agent for you in the sale of your home:

1.  Is this the person you want to talk to on a weekly basis until your home is sold?

2.  Is this the person you want showing your home, holding open houses, marketing your home to the public and other agents, negotiating and protecting your interests?

3.  Do you feel a certain sense of trust and comfort with the person you are interviewing? Being able to speak the truth and hear the truth from someone is critical.

4.  Is their presentation ordered and structured or is the agent just “winging it” and trying to sell you on why you should work with them?

5.  What is their track record?

6.  What is their market knowledge both macro and micro? Can they clearly articulate the current trends and dynamics that will impact the sale of your home?

7.  Do they know the inventory? Do they know which properties you are truly competing against? Do they know how to position your home properly in the market?

8.  What is their overall level of expertise?

9.  Do they have an actual plan/ strategy for selling your home? Is it custom tailored to your needs? Does it make sense to you?

10. How do they respond to the issue of pricing and commission? Pay very close attention to these two discussions. These conversations will give you great insight into an agent’s level of expertise, confidence, and negotiating abilities.

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