Write a Winning Bid for that Glendale Home

In the last couple of weeks I have enjoyed the fleeting popularity of a listing agent with the current “screaming hot deals”.

I have reviewed nearly 50 purchase contracts this month, alone.

Chitlins- a well written, well documented purchase contract can make or break your chances of buying the home of your dreams.

  1. A completely filled out purchase contract.
  2. A qualification letter- preferably from a direct lender such as Bank of America or Wells Fargo
  3. Credit Score- either the first page of the credit report or stated i the pre-qualification letter
  4. Proof of down payment
  5. A copy of the deposit check
  6. Summery of the contract and qualifications

I am continually surprised at how few offers have the first item done well and how the last item is rarely done at all.

Let’s not kid ourselves.  Money talks.  If a high offer is poorly presented it will still probably win.  Often, however, there are a few offers with very similar price and terms.  In this case, presentation is the key.

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