Artists Reception: Paul Chamberlain & Krista McMillin



Artist Reception

A fabulous time was had by all!!  Thank you to the teachers and students that turned out to support Paul and Krista in this show.  They loved showing off their work.

Paul Chamberlain

Raised in the Los Angeles suburb of Eagle Rock, Paul Chamberlain began his initial foray into the art world in high school and continued through his graduation from the renowned Art Center College of Design. He spent several years at design firms in Detroit working on various projects. His most notable design, the logo for the Bay Area Rapid Transit train, graces the front of each BART train to this day. Returning to California in the mid-60’s, Chamberlain settled into the advertising/graphic design field. Creative projects included annual reports, outdoor signage, print ads, brochures and even pop-up greeting cards.

Finally, encouraged by a close friend and working artist, he returned to his easel and, through sketching and traditional oil painting, rekindled his fine art creative flame. Chamberlain’s love of color and composition have led him to explore both the Plein Air and in-studio experience. His studies, with such notable artists as Calvin Liang, Frank Serrano and Karl Dempwolf, plus the continual visual influence of master artists Sam Hyde Harris, Sergei Bongart, and Maynard Dixon help him sharpen his eye for the strong color palette, interesting subjects and unique compositions. Paul Chamberlain is a member of the California Art Club & The Glendale Art Association.




 Krista McMillin

Born and raised in the Los Angeles suburb of Glendale, Krista McMillin discovered her love for photography by accident. A graduate of Occidental College with a lifelong love for all things scientific, Krista is a middle school Biology teacher. A Christmas gift of a milkweed plant with two Monarch butterfly caterpillars, launched Krista on a mission to document the life cycle of the butterflies for her students. In the process, a photographer was born as well.

Krista’s photographs reflect the beauty of nature wherever it might be found and represent a joining of her scientific mind and her artistic heart. Krista is a member of The Glendale Art Association and the National Science Teachers Association.

Date: September 13, 2015 Sunday

Time: 12:30 pm – 3:00 pm


3819 Ocean View Boulevard

Montrose, CA 91020

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