First Ever DIGGS Tribe Gathering!

The first, ever, DIGGS Tribe Gathering was a huge success!  People who contributed to DIGGS the first half of the year came together to eat, drink and be very merry!!

Food from the ever wonderful Casa Cordoba included whole shrimp dunked in some sort of AMAZING garlic yumminess.  SOME members of the DIGGS Tribe thought that was weird.  We won’t say who to protect their reputation.  More shrimp for me!  Jason played Flamenco guitar all evening long.  He is simply an amazing – I actually asked him if he knew wasn’t Spanish.  He acknowledges it is possible.

Even complete strangers seemed to bond and form instant friendships- I know of several who are exploring projects and connections to each other outside of DIGGS.  This is the best outcome we could hope for!

We look forward to more of these celebrations as we move to strengthen the Tribe and create more opportunity fo everyone.

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