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We are nutballs about creating an amazing real estate experience here, at DIGGS. The kind of experience that has people talking about us- in a good way. This doesn’t happen by accident- we study every example of companies who are totally focused on THIER customer experience and we absorb everything we can.

This week I attended a Zillow Conference in Las Vegas and took the opportunity to visit Zappos, the epicenter of amazing consumer experience. I took the tour and spent an hour in a private Q&A with a Zappos manager in charge of training and development.   Marcella shared the Zappos philosophy and brainstormed with me on ideas of how I can bring that same level of experience to the DIGGS Tribe.

I think the most surprising part of the entire session was how much is already baked into the DIGGS experience.  We are, after all, built from the ground up with our clients in mind.

At DIGGS, we surprise and delight in a number of ways, small and large.  We do not have a grandiose gesture that looks good on an ad, but does nothing to really improve the real estate experience.  Instead, we surprise and delight with a general attitude of “yes”.  “Yes, we can sign the contract at 2 AM”. ” Yes, we can send a notary to your work”.  “Yes, we can get your contractor in for a bid”.  Yes, yes, yes.  We start with yes and work our patooties off until someone proves to us that it must be a no… and then we find a great alternative.

That is just one way we embrace the Zappos Way.  My hope is that, in time, people will refer to it as the DIGGS Way.


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