The Cycle of Success

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My coach held a retreat this weekend for 16 highly motivated Realtors.  The purpose was to discover what it takes to be wildly successful in real estate. He notes that there is a glaringly obvious factor to success – the ones who believe are getting the results, the ones who doubt do not.  He states that belief is the foundation for success.  Interesting.  Which comes first, I wondered, the belief or the results?

For me, there is third component to the cycle.  Work.

Now, the interesting thing about the relationship between work and belief is that you have to do the work that develops your particular talent.  We are not all wired to do the same things in the same way.  I started just like everyone else in this program, with prospecting and deal making.  Turns out, while I am good at this, it is not my talent.  This does not give anyone a pass on prospecting, though!!!  I would never have discovered this had I not done all the work of prospecting!

My talent is in systems and brand development. The work necessary to discover this was brutal- and entirely worth it.  Once I figured this out and really leaned into it…. my belief and confidence soared and the results are beginning to flow, effortlessly.

So what comes first, belief, work or results?  I think any of them can come first, it is a chicken/egg question.  However, the one thing you can control, no matter what, is work.  If the other two are missing, start there.

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