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Are you curious about all the construction in Downtown Glendale?  We certainly were.  So, we trotted down to Lex on Orange to take a look around.  What we saw blew us away!!!

The building boom in Glendale is part of a grand plan to create the 18 hour city.  By concentrating housing, entertainment and jobs in the downtown area we keep the city center active and alive 18 hours a day.  This manages inevitable population growth in a way that builds local commerce, manages traffic and parking, and is easier on water and power resources.

I know we like things the way they are… but growth is going to happen, people.

With that in mind, I present Lex on Orange in 3D.

The quality an amenities are right in there with any luxury building on the Westside.  Here is the Media Room available to all residents:

There is a full range of luxurious apartments to see. We captured two for you to experience in full 3D.

Here is the one bedroom unit.  The space plan makes the most of every inch!


The two bedroom unit is truly spectacular.  I believe even the move down buyer would be very happy living in these super cool DIGGS.

Are you fabulous enough to live here?  We think you are.  The units are open most days, including weekends- tell them DIGGS sent you!

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