Glendale Cruise Night

Glendale Cruise Night in Glendale CA Downtown is one of those traditions we look forward to every year.  Hundreds of gorgeous cars, most of them lovingly restored vintage bits of American (and foreign) history, line Brand Blvd. for my viewing pleasure.  Real photographers with fancy equipment vie for prime photo taking angles with rank iPhone amateurs, such as myself.

The Americana culture runs strong in Glendale.  Remember the television show, Happy Days?  That could very well have been set right here.    Milkshakes, school dances, the wrath of Mom and Dad if you got too wild and a truly cool car were the hallmarks of our youth.  We were the birthplace of Bob’s BigBoy Hamberger and the Big Boy was the inspiration for the McDonalds Big Mac.

Glendale is Americana- and Americana is Glendale.

Today Glendale is far more diverse- population, businesses and development are moving toward a slightly more urban experience.  However, our basic values are very much intact.  Family, first.  Listen to Mom and Dad.  There’s nothing better than a great burger. And, a great car is always cool.

Welcome to Glendale.  It’s a cool place to live.


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