Glendale Restaurant- Peking China

Last night I tried a new (to me) Glendale restaurant- Peking China at 310 N. Brand. They are on the same block as Pho Hut.

Glendale Restaurant- Peking ChinaI first encountered Peking China last week, at Taste of Glendale. They served up their Peking Chicken Wings and I was hooked. (succulent drumettes, deep fried and basking in a spicy sweet garlicky sauce- basically, heaven on a plate).  I hauled my family down there for more of those awesome morsels and to see what else they had to offer.

The space is pleasantly kitschy with blood red walls (red means good luck) and almost surreal cherry blossom branches, Asian tchakys  and paper lanterns.  I found the whole effect warm and cheerful.  The wait staff was amazing!  Friendly, efficient and knowledgable.  My daughter chose sweet and sour beef and our waitress suggested we switch to the Korean style version.  It was inspired.  Instead of the overpowering and artificial red gloopy mess that you normally expect, we got delicate, tempura fried bits of beef in a slightly sweet and tangy sauce.

I also ordered a hand pulled noodle dish called Three Flavored Cha Chan Mein.  Chinese hand pulled noodles are amazing- and pretty rare.  It is a major skill to get a lump of dough to turn into yard long noodles.  The technique is common in China and I always watched with awe and fascination.  In the U.S., however, it is far cheaper to use the dried pasta that is mass produced.  This particular dish features hand pulled noodles, black bean sauce and caramelized onions.  I haven’t had this since my days in Silicon Valley and this version was pretty awesome.

Inside Peking China

Rounding out the dinner were the sauteed string beans.  We order this dish everywhere we go and this version was quite respectable.

The portions were really outstanding.  There was more than enough to fill my bottomless-pit-teenagers and still take some home for later.  I also can’t say enough good things about the staff.  The food arrived quickly and was perfect, drinks were filled instantly and they asked unobtrusive questions about what we liked and didn’t like.  I would not be surprised if they remembered us the next time and suggested other dishes based on our preferences.

Peking China gets a Good On Ya rating from me and I encourage you to visit, soon.  Let’s make Glendale strong, one meal at a time.

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