Last Minute Christmas Shopping in Glendale- Tips and Tricks

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It is T minus 48 hours to Christmas.  You know what you want and where to get it but you are dreading the crowds and you have no idea where to park.

GlendaleDIGGS to the rescue!  We’ve been navigating the retail scene in this town for decades.  Follow me, gurlfrind.  I can get you in and out like a surgical Ninja.

Let’s tackle the Mac Daddy, first.  The Glendale Galleria.  The normal entrance off Colorado is insane even on a normal day and the other normal entry on Broadway is only marginally better. The Shopping Ninja approaches the parking structure along it’s backside along Columbus Ave.  If you go early in the day you can nab a spot on the back edge of the parking structure.  Enter the structure near Ivy and Columbus if you want to go to Macy’s.  Harvard is the entrance if your goal is JC Penny’s and Oak Street (near the Fire Station) is ideal for Target.  If you go a little later you are better off parking on those named streets and crossing Columbus to walk through the structure.

We need to get Godiva Chocolates for a favorite Auntie, every year.  Our go-to trick for that section of the mall is to park at the office building across Broadway- where Islands and California Pizza Kitchen is.  Cross Broadway, enter where the Galleria Office entrance is… Godiva is nearly in front of your face.

The map and directory for the Galleria is here:  Glendale Galleria Map you can use this to locate and park close to any of your intended retailers!

The Americana at Brand is a little trickier as it is not located along residential neighborhoods.  If you need to dash into Nordstroms, I like to park in the strip mall at Colorado and Brand.  There is a side entrance right off Colorado that is very handy.  However, this is really not a kosher move and you should only do this if you know exactly what you want and can be quick about it.  A good citizen would consider parking in the city lots along Harvard.  If you travel south, along Louise, (way better than traveling south on Brand), turn right onto Harvard.  There is a large structure to your right that includes 90 min free parking and a teeny tiny city lot on the side of the Central Library and behind BevMo.

The map and Directory for the American at Brand is here: Americana At Brand Map

Do you want to get some holiday treats at Portos?  “In The Know” Glendalians don’t even bother with the city lot behind the fabled bakery.  We park in the multi-tiered structure a block away on Orange – 90 min free parking!  The less law abiding shopper might park in the ginormous Sears parking lot across the street.  Added bonus is picking up Santa Gifts at Sears- once the largest retailer in the world.  The Glendale Sears is a Glendale historic building and the terrazzo staircase is a thing of architectural nostalgia.  While you are at Portos don’t forget to pick up a dozen cheese rolls.  You can thank me later.

**Update** Maria Palmer from Uptown Face & Body Care Spa in Montrose reminds me that the Glendale Bee Line (bus) takes you right to the heart of Downtown Glendale Shopping.  Most rides are just a dollar.  Here are the routes: Glendale Bee Line.

That is it for Big Mall navigation.  The smartest shopping move of all is to Buy Local.  I invite you to visit our Buy Local group on Facebook. Local retailers and services are posting their deals and sales while local residents chatter about their favorites, their “scores” and recommendations.

No one knows Glendale better than GlendaleDIGGS.  We live/love Glendale.

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