Day 18- Skate the Day Away

On Day 18 in 365 Things To Do In Glendale, Ca finds us at the Verdugo Skate Park located within Verdugo Park.

Now, Chilluns, do not make gross assumptions about the doings and such of Middle Aged Moi.  I do not participate in the heart stopping and possible insane acts designed to defy the laws of nature and gravity.

No.  I stay safely behind the wrought iron fence and thrill in watching the heart palpitating gyrations of the youngins on the little tiny boards with wheels.  Thankfully, all have the head gear that the city so thoughtfully requires.  Along with the signed release of liabilty form.  You know, because this is such a safe and harmless activity.

Anyhoo- the Skate Park is open weekdays 2-10 PM and weekends and holidays 10 AM-10 PM.  It is free to residents of all ages and free to non- resident minors.  Non resident adults must pay a nominal fee and, shockingly, I did see a few rather Middle Aged persons chasing down what I can only assume is their lost youth.

Or I am just an old fuddy duddy.  Could go either way.

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