Day 23- Fine Food at Divina Cucina

On day 23 in 365 Things To Do in Glendale, Ca– have an awesome and relaxing dinner at Divina Cucina in Montrose.

One of my FB buddies asks, “do you eat out at every meal?”  Why, no!  I am a tremendous homebody- but when I am crazy busy, like now, I eat when ever and where ever I can.  Since a body’s got to eat, why not enjoy the best?

Divina Cucina is certainly one of my favorite treats.  The regular menu is certainly nice but the “pow” is in the daily specials.  The Lavanchy Family has owned an operated this restaurant since day one and they are constantly featuring the season’s best and ripest foods in imaginative ways.  All of the pastas are handmade from scratch and the featured soup of the day is always an outstanding taste sensation.

Tonight I had a Half Moon Ravioli stuffed with beef and lightly sauced with an asparagus cream sauce.  The beef was not ground- it was tender chunks and the sauce was incredibly delicate and fragrant.  Husband had a corn risotto with shrimp off the regular menu that is a sweet treat.

The main dining room is romantic and lovely, but I love the patio.  This a soaring space that manages to be intimate and grand at the same time.  Dining here, on an early summer evening, is the perfect way to end a very hectic week!

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  1. One of our favorite local places. The owner is always gracious and welcoming. We love the menu, always a delight.

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