Day 26- Time For Yoga

On Day 26 at 365 Things To Do in Glendale, Ca I think it is time for a breather- literally- at Yoga at the Village.

Now, fair disclaimer Chilluns, while I am a pretty bendy person as a general rule, I have never actually taken a real yoga class.  Everything I say about this marvelous place is hearsay.  But it is really really good hearsay!  I hear people say good things about Yoga at the Village all the time!

The owner, Elyse Briggs, is this amazing, warm, funny and extremely knowledgeable Yogi-ess.  She has assembled a fantastic staff of wonderful instructors and teachers and her husband Dean (best painter in town) created a light infused, airy, studio that is simply inspirational.  People who take classes here say the atmosphere is non-competitive and non-judgmental.

Elyse is always coming up with classes and events designed to expose students and teachers to new techniques and yoga experiences.  While I truly have no clue what these things are (Kirtan Chanting, anyone?) the descriptions are pretty enticing stuff.

Take a look at the class schedule here.  Hey, if a few of you get together and decide on a class, maybe that will motivate me to get off my you know what and do some exercise!  Whadda ya say?

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