Day 40- Let Them Eat (a decorated) Cake!

On day 40 in 365 Things To do In Glendale, Ca you should decorate a cake!

Before I discovered Jane’s Cake and Chocolate Supply in Montrose Shopping Village I was resigned to the meager, over priced offerings found in your basic National Craft Store (and you know who they are).

This place is an absolute gem for anyone who bakes, makes and decorates cakes or just wants to learn.  If you just want to consume, they can accommodate that, as well.  They have a nearly dizzying array of candy molds, cupcake making supplies, specially shaped cake pans and decorations!  Tiny plastic gee gaws and a rainbow of sprinkles, sugars and sparkles.  The staff is very knowledgeable and eager to help you sort out all the options and make intelligent choices.  I found the prices to be significantly less than the mass merchandisers.

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