Day 45- Spreken zie, “Yummy”?

On Day 45 in 365 Things to do in Glendale, Ca, take a trip to Germany- via Schreiner’s Fine Sausages in Montrose.

Now, when I was a Young Chicken just out of High School, I had the privileged of staying in Germany for the summer.  While there I managed to learn how to count to ten and cuss in German, and I consumed massive quantities of the finest cured meats, ever.

The closest I have come to that experience is here, at Schreiners.  Local resturants brag about featuring Schreiner’s Meats for a reason- everyone knows the name is a symbol of the highest quality.  Sandwiches are made to order or you can order cuts to go.  There is also an interesting selection of condiments and goodies along the wall.

On Saturdays they feature a Saturday BBQ special. This weekend it happened to be Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich, Sausage and Coleslaw.

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