Day 52- Let’s Peek in Pattye’s Closet!

On Day 52 in 365 Things To Do in Glendale, Ca I want to go shopping. One of my New Favs is Pattye’s Closet in Montrose.

This is Rene. She’s the owner and the creative inspiration. Isn’t she cute?

Pattye’s Closet is jammed full of interesting trinkets, odd and interesting curios and lots and lots of vintage garments and accessories.  I had only the briefest of moments to browse (the teenage natives were very restless) but it seemed to weigh heavily on the glamor days of the 40’s and 50’s.  Think Madmen with a Silverlake vibe. (Hello, Mr. Draper….)

The prices struck me as very reasonable.  I walked away with a very fetching hat- it appears new, wide brimmed with silk organza trim, just $17.  This will be my next “calling on my peeps” chapeau!

There is a stunning gown in the window- cut down to here, and up to there.   It makes me think of Marilyn Monroe in “How to Catch a Millionaire”.  If only I had a soiree to attend!!!

In today’s interesting economic times, Pattye’s Closet is a real treasure.  You are shopping local (always a good thing) and saving a bundle on unique style.  I think you need to go shopping!

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