GAR Services (for the developmentally disabled)

As part of my Giving Back program I interviewed Sandy Doughty, director of GAR Services, which is a work activity program for adults with developmental disabilities, and I spent some time with the amazing GAR client population.  You can not understand how delightful these people are until you get a chance to meet them!

I am including this program for somewhat personal reasons.  I have a developmentally disabled niece- and she has benefitted greatly from service organizations like GAR.  They provide a place to work, socialize and interact.  GAR gives the disabled a sense of purpose, greatly contributing to the client’s well being.    This has far reaching effects!   The family of the disabled is able to more fully live their lives and, in turn, our local community benefits.

In these times of dire federal cuts we need to pay attention to non profits who might not have widespread appeal.  GAR is being asked to do more for the developmentally disabled with far less funding.  Please watch this video and, perhaps, take a trip to the GAR offices on San Fernando Rd. and visit these neat men and women.

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