Giving Back: Habitat for Humanity, San Gabriel Valley

As part of my Giving Back Program, I interviewed Sonja Yates, Director of Habitat for Humanity, San Gabriel Valley.

I have been a fan of this organization for as long as I can remember- I’ve participated in builds and have donated on and off for several years. Last year, Habitat completed a spectacular build on Kenwood Rd. in Glendale and is gearing up for another build on Geneva St.

Sonja Yates is a formidable person- a good thing, considering the challenges of housing development in Glendale and the enormous resources needed to complete these projects.

I learned, from Sonja, that every dollar donated is placed in an income earning trust. In this way, every dollar works toward creating new housing- forever. I knew that every family must contribute labor toward the build of their home (500 hours!), but did you know they also pay a mortgage? This is not a hand out, folks, this is a hand UP.

This interview really cemented my support of Habitat for Humanity and I hope you will be inspired to support them as well. I am looking forward to partnering with Sonja on future projects.

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