Hiking in Glendale, Beaudry Trail

I know I’ve been very quiet this week, Chilluns.  Momma’s been very busy- what with talking to eager sellers and negotiating many offers and getting out to visit the peeps and all.  Yes, mighty busy with my Real Estate doings. 

Today, however, I got to blow off some steam with my ritual Saturday Morning hike. We are so lucky to have spectacular hiking moments from the front door. 

If you have not tried the Beaudry Trail, I highly reccomend it!  The recent storms have rendered everything in the most brilliant shades of green and the “waterfall” is running cheerfully.  The summit has views, on one side, of the entire La Crescenta valley and, on the other side, Glendale, Burbank and the San Fernando Valley.  Breath taking. 

To get to Beaudry Trail, take Canada north to Country Club and then to Beaudry terrace.  The trail head is where the debris basin meets the road.  If the homes all of sudden transform from 1940’s character homes to 1970’s split levels you’ve gone too far.  (yes, I am always the Realtor).  All the guides on the interwebs label this as a moderate hike.   Um, I guess so- but some of the steep sections (and there are quite a few) are short but killer.  The entire loop took us 2.5 hrs with a lot of time dallying at the top for pictures. 

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