La Crescenta Restaurant: Jeremy’s

If you are looking for an awesome American Dinner in La Crescenta, you’ve got to read this article about Jeremy’s!

Ok,call me crazy, but I did not learn to appreciate the time honored tradition of the American Gut Buster Breakfast until college.  Omlettes, bacon and eggs, hash browns and biscuits ‘n’ gravy (actually, that one still mystifies me)- all completely foreign.  I came by the experience in college, naturally, because of a boy…. but I digress.  The point is that I am now a huge fan and I seek out the best breakfast where ever I go!

Enter, Jeremy’s.  This honest Dinner located in La Crescenta serves up fresh everything- I am especially fond of the home potatoes with onions and green peppers.  The kitchen is completely open and everything is pristine and tidy.

Jose is my favorite waiter in the whole town.  He is unfailingly cheerful and bright, makes sure your coffee is perfection throughout your meal, and is an all around great guy.

Jeremy’s is an absolute find and I am almost reluctant to share it with you.  It’s that good.


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