Montrose Arts and Crafts Fesitval

Sunday was a fine day for a festival and the Montrose Arts and Crafts Festival has always been one of very favorites.  I had back to back appointments all weekend long (I am not complaining, no siree-bob), so I was only able to slip out Sunday morning, before the real crowds showed up.

Even at day’s opening there seemed like a lot of people and there were quite a few buying rather than just looking.  I forgot to snap a picture of my favorite jewelry vendor, the Venetian Bead gal.  I forget her name.. (Pat?) but I remember her stories.  She is an Irish glass artist who lives in California and used to teach Venetian Glass bead making techniques  to the Italian glass artisans in Venice.  Wild.  I have a bunch of her earrings.

Her are a couple of other vendors that struck my fancy.

Guess I like color.

Sadly, my favorite food vendor, the deep fried baby artichoke guy, was not there.  I consoled myself with a huge Pineapple Sno-Cone.

This Festival takes place every year, approximately the first weekend in June.  It is one of the best events in town for locals- so come out next year!  Maybe the artichoke guy will come back.

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