Om Organic Massage in Montrose…. Ahhhhhhh

Do you use Groupon?  I love a deal and I love my local businesses.  I have found all sorts of places through Groupon that have since become my regular favorites.

A few weeks ago I bought the Groupon for an Om Organic Signature Massage in Montrose.  After all, I am addicted to massage and I’ve been staring at her banner for months as I kick it out over at Ying Jow Kung Fu across the street.

Ok, out of love and loyalty to the masseuses who keep me sane on a regular basis- I can’t say this is the BEST massage ever, but it is waaaay up there. Everyone brings something different. Kat is extremely in tune with the human body and I could tell that my muscles spoke to her.  She used just the right amount of firm pressure and I felt calm and rejuvenated afterward.  She is definitely joining my list of favorite people to see.

I decided to shoot a small interview with her after the massage.  Please ignore my blissed out massage face and listen to Kat’s philosophy on massage and healing.  Kat’s contact info is at the end of the video.

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