Things To Do in Glendale, CA

Things to Do in GlendaleWhen we talk about Things to do Glendale, CA we can’t ignore the areas surrounding Glendale.  We are just moments away from an entire universe of art, entertainment and good eats.

Yesterday, Husband and I had a rare day without the teenagers, and decided to pop down to Chinatown for some hot soupy goodness at a favorite Pho place.  (Broadway Pho- the owner is just like the innkeeper of any Kung Fu movie.  Friendly, loud, and slightly comical.  The food is outstanding)

We strolled across Broadway to the main Chinatown Plaza and stumbled upon a delightful store filled with art and handcrafts from (mostly) local artists.

Chad at The Flock Shop

Flock Shop is quite hidden- located across the street from the old General Lee’s, and it is simply one of the most delightful stores I’ve visited in a long time.  The selection is quirky, cool and unique and the prices are very reasonable.  Many of the items are made from repurposed items- like the wallet made from old bicycle innertubes, and a sense of smart whimsy pervades the store.

I was completely taken by a wall of these super colorful Ninja Bunnies.

Chad and Michelle run the Flock Shop out of a passion for these artist crafted items.  Like many small businesses, Chad and Michelle are trying to eek out an existence while remaining true to their passion.  Their shop is awesome- I recommend a visit!

Flock Shop
943 N. Broadway, #103
ph 213.229.9090



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