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Maria Palmer- Uptown Spa

What is your name, your business and where are you located?

Maria Palmer, Uptown Face and Body Care on Honolulu 3 doors west of Citibank.

Tell me about how you started.

We opened in 1996.  When my daughter was 2 years old I wanted a job where I could adjust my hours.  I had always been interested in skin care and so I went to Citrus College and got my certification.  I was able to work part time when my kids were little.  I went into dermatology right away and learned the medical perspective of skin care as opposed to just “spa” care. I use that knowledge today when I collaborate with my client’s dermatologist to deliver the best skin care package possible. 

Why does your business exist?

I love to research and study products, I like understanding the ingredients and how they interact.  This allows me to design custom treatments that I believe are unique to Uptown Spa and very effective.  If I had stayed as an “employee” I would have to use that spa’s products and protocols.  

I like to take a very holistic approach to skin care – taking the time to find out about a person’s life and background allowing me to really customize my treatments.  Beyond that, my treatments are very calming- its all part of the package- it’s not just products.  It is very important to me how they feel when they leave here- I really care about that. I want them to feel really relaxed, but at the same time have a really good treatment.  For many, this is the only time they get to “shut down” and I want to honor that time.

At the end of the day I put my entire heart and soul into this business.  I will bend over backward for clients.  My priority is to make the client happy.

Describe your fan.

We created this for the client who wants  a comfortable, homey place, rather than an elaborate resort spa.  You will get an intimate home feeling and our full attention while you are here.  We are a small studio spa with shining customer service.

What do you do that a fancy, name-brand spa can’t?

Those places have very “set” protocols.  We are ready and able to give a person a treatment that is “off menu”. We can accommodate special needs or we can think outside the normal box to suggest or design a unique treatment that perfectly suits the client.

What is one thing about you that no one really knows about?

I used to sing in a rock band a long time ago.  We would sing Linda Ronstadt and Heart, things like that. My family is very musical.  I am the youngest of seven.  My dad was a studio musician and my mom was a big band singer.  I also sang at my church for twenty years. 

Uptown Face and Body Care
2418 Honolulu Ave
Montrose Shopping Village
(818) 248-8829


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