2014 Predictions for Glendale Real Estate

What can we expect in the Glendale Ca housing market in January 2014?  This three part series will keep you “in the know”!

Let’s take a brief history review.


2012 was the year we started our recovery from the unrelenting downward slide of the Great Recession.  2013 was the year we worked on stabilizing our economy and 2014…



Is the year of growth!


The economists at Trulia call 2014 the year of the repeat home buyer.  A happy consequence of the rise in home prices is that more and more people are entering into positive equity.  Once there they can sell their homes without bringing money to the table, without selling their homes short and damaging their credit.  There is a pent up demand from people who have wanted to move, but just couldn’t do it over the last several years.  I believe, very strongly, that this will be a huge driving force in our market moving forward.

Next week we will talk about the other huge force behind 2014- the year of growth!

“The Millennials Are Coming!”

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