Day 24- Get A Foot Massage

On Day 24 in 365 Things To Do In Glendale, Ca- get a Chinese Foot Massage at Anna’s Beauty Salon in La Crescenta.

As some of you know I spent all day today at the Los Angeles Anime Expo and my feet were beat!  The minute I got home my lovely hubby- thankful that he did not have to accompany us to the Expo, took me for a foot massage.  My brain is beat, too, so here is an exerpt from my archives:

A couple of years ago, hubby and I went to China with fellow realtor/blogger Tracy King and her hubby. We had a grand time seeing every possible cliche touristy thing and it was fabulous. Every where we went, we ended the day with a Chinese Foot Massage.

Each city had a slightly different style, but it was always an hour, dirt cheap and very clean. After a full day of traipsing about the Great Wall or yet another fancy temple, this massage left us utterly renewed and ready for the next adventure.

Back in the States I’ve been a bit bereft. You can get great foot massages in San Gabriel Valley (CCM and the Vivid are 2 examples), but who has time to get there during a busy day?

Enter Anna’s Beauty Spa.  This non-descript shop in an equally bland strip mall is located on Foothill Blvd.  next door to the Der Wienerschnitzel and just off Pennsylvania Ave. in La Crescenta.  There is a narrow driveway between two identical buildings that leads to a spacious parking lot.  Take the farthest stairway to your left and that will lead to Anna’s backdoor.

Chitlins- this is the best $25 bucks you will ever spend on a foot massage.  It is a full hour and they not only care for your tired tootsies, they do a nice job on your calves, scalp, neck and back.   The space is clean and sparse.  They have these nice “chairs” that are more like adjustable tables- you start in a seated position while your feet soak in a hot bath and the therapist massages your scalp and face.  Then they lower the back until you are nearly flat for a the reflexology treatment to your feet.  Lastly, you flip over, place your face through the hole (so you can breath) and they massage you back and neck.  There were elements of Thai Massage, deep tissue and a little acupressure.

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