La Crescenta Home Sales Statistics- October

Check out this fancy graph, Chitlins! We’re going upscale at Kendyl’s Open House.

The main story continues to be the dropping number of homes for sale and the rising number of homes being sold.  In fact, we had a high of 10.4 months of inventory on the market in February of this year- we are now at 2.3 months of inventory.  We have had a steady rise in the number of homes sold each month for most of this year.

La Crescenta October

Prices, however, seem quite stable. The average price rose 1.2% over the last 6 months. You see the “dip” that we are in right now? That reflects sales, or lack thereof, in August. If there was ever a dead month in Real Estate it’s August- not December.

La Crescenta October $$

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