$650,000 – 5 Houses in 5 Cities

If you are like most home buyers you have a  list of areas where you would be comfortable living.  You might have your first choice, a reasonable second and a, “if my dream home came up I’d go there” third choice.

When formulating these lists you consider a number of things- schools, proximity to work, the look and feel of a city and whether or not you know anyone there. All of these are highly personal choices.  However, the one factor that is not all that personal is price.  What kind of bang do you get for your buck?

I took a look at homes currently for sale in Glendale, Burbank, La Crescenta, La Canada and Pasadena.  I wanted homes that are currently listed for sale for approximately $650,000 and are typical for the area.

The results are in the chart below. If you would like more pictures and details for any property, click on the adress and a detail page will pop up.

So, where do you think the best value can be had?


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