Best of Glendale Homes, 2011

Ah, the start of a New Year, the opportunity to reminisce on the last.

Today I thought it would be fun to visit the best, and the worst, of Glendale real estate in 2011.

The Smallest House

Let’s start small- literally.  The smallest home to sell in Glendale is 1517 Garfield, #49.  This is a studio style condo (that means no separate bedroom) that has a grand total of 439 square feet.  There is a kitchen, bathroom, and one, reasonably large, main space- that’s it.

Let’s look at the upside- it has a great view, it sold for only $113,500 and the owner can take advantage of all the adorable space saving furniture at Ikea!

The Least Expensive Condo

Surprisingly, the least expensive condo to sell in 2011 was NOT the smallest dwelling.  That honor goes 211 E. California – a one bedroom condo that sold in early December for $104, 199.  (I have to wonder if the $199 bucks was a deal breaker?).

211 E. California

I really dig the mid century color palette.  Unfortunately, that’s all we got on this listing.  No description, no interior photos, no nothin’.  Would this have been the lowest sale in town if the listing agent had put a little effort into the marketing?

However, I have to tell you, marketing is not everything.  Behold

The Most Expensive Condo/Townhouse

1916 Caminito De La Luna sold back in March for $715,000. This is located in the Rancho San Rafael area and has 2 bedrooms plus a loft, 2146 square feet of living space and lives more like a house than a townhouse.  It too, has only one picture:

So – it is possible to sell a home for top dollar with one, less than flattering photo.  It is also possible to win the lotto.  #justsayin.

The Least Expensive Single Family home

Weighing in at a paltry $170,000 is 112 N. Columbus- located just south of Broadway and spitting distance from the Galleria.  I predict that we will look back on this sale in just a few more weeks and think, “Doggone it, why didn’t I scoop that bad boy as an investment?”


Simply put, this little cottage is not heinous!  It has one bedroom, one bath, a tidy kitchen, a clean bathroom and a nice yard.  It was a bank owned home and took just a couple of weeks to sell- once they reduced the price below $200,000.

The Most Expensive House

May I have a drumroll, please?

The most expensive home to sell in the City of Glendale in 2011 is…. 1505 Virginia in Northwest Glendale!  Surprisingly, this is not one of those crazy big view homes in the Rimcrest area.  This home is located right on the corne of Virginia and Kenneth Rd. and boasts a whopping 5800 square feet of living space on one level.  That’s amazing.

Sales Price:  $1,689,000.

1505 Virginia

There are more lovely pictures, if you would like to see.

And there is your round up for 2011.

* Pictures are from the I-Tech Multiple List System and are provided courtesy of Tom Kwak, David Judd, Edwin Ordubegian and Michael Durkin

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