The Most/Least Expensive in Glendale, 1st Quarter

What was the most expensive home sold in Glendale during the first quarter of 2012?  We will get to that in a moment.

First, let’s take a look at the lowest sale in town.  Clocking in at $100,250- 408 Burchett #10 is a one bedroom condo that sold in early February.  It has 640 square feet, common laundry room. and the HOA dues were $250/mo.

Since we are talking about condos- the most expensive condo or townhouse to sell this quarter is 1894 Caminito de la Playa.  This newer unit located up in the Camino San Rafael development up off the 2 freeway closed escrow a couple of weeks ago for $590,000.  These luxury units have everything the busy executive family would want- light, open, splashy kitchen and a little city view.

1894 Caminto de le Playa

The least expensive single family home title goes to a home featured on this blog before, 660 Milford- recognize it?

660 Milford

Listed at $179,00, I predicted this would sell in 6 seconds for more money.  It actually tok 10 seconds to get into escrow and then took a little under 3 months to close at $190,000. For a short sale- that is nearly the speed of light.  The home was 600 sf and the lot 1829 sf- tiny and mighty.

And now, can I get a little drum roll please?  The most expensive home to sell during the first quarter of 2012 was…

1862 Greenbrier

1862 Greenbrier.  The reason you don’t recognize this amazing home is that it is located way up a private drive at the very top of Greenbrier.  The sales price was $1,400,000 for nearly 3000 sf of house located on 3.7 very private acres of land.

If television show “Bonanza” had been filmed in Glendale, this is the home they would have used for the set.

Gate to 1862 Greenbrier

This mid century ranch is a unique home and I hope it went to the unique buyer who appreciates it’s soul.

I want to give special mention to the largest home to sell this quarter- 2080 El Arbolita in the Montecito Park area weighs in at a whopping 6176 square feet of living space on a 16,000+, not very flat, lot.

2080 El Arbolita

This was a short sale that closed escrow in early February for $1,310,000.

There you have it folks- The large, small, cheap and expensive home for the first quarter of 2012.


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