Can My Clients Buy Your Northwest Glendale Home?

It was a glorious day in Northwest Glendale.  Birds were singing, the trees are starting to bloom and there is still a little bit of snow way up at the top of the mountains.

Meanwhile, my friends in Chicago are grumpy because they had 4 inches of wet, soggy snow dumped on their heads today.  I going to restrain from sending my friends these pictures.  It is not nice to taunt the lovely people in other states.

Today I was out asking the neighbors for their help.  One of my all time favorite clients needs to buy a home in Northwest Glendale by April 1 or they will need to find an apartment.  And they have 3 kids and a dog.  Yikes!

I was asking people if they might know of someone in the area who is thinking of selling.   I love how my neighbors will take the time to try and help.  Neighbor after neighbor paused, thought, and tried to recall if anyone they knew was in a position to move.  Many promised to think about it, and, if they thought of someone, they would call.

I love my town.

Do you know of anyone who is thinking of selling?  My clients would love 3 bedrooms and 2 baths, but they will take less if the lot is big enough to expand.  They are ready to go at $600,000.  If April 1 is too soon, they can bunk with relatives in the area to accomodate the seller- both husband and wife are Northwest Glendale natives, family is all around.

Please call me at 818-396-7588.  Every call is strictly confidential and there is never, ever, any obligation.

Thank you for your consideration, my clients are forever grateful.

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