25 Years of Hair

25 Years of HairThis year is my 25 year anniversary as a Realtor.  It seems like I’ve been saying, “nearly 25 years” for a long time- but this is my Silver Anniversary for real.  Wow.

1987.  As a nation we were still high on the success of the Eighties.  The Dotboom was in full swing and a Dotbust seemed impossible.  Interest rates had just descended from 12% down to an amazing 8.5% and California’s population was exploding- deepening our conviction that prices could only go up- indefinitely.  This was the New Economy and I was loving it.

In the following years I have counseled frantic/excited/happy home sellers through two and a half cycles of boom and bust.  The old timers used to tell me that, soon, the “normal” market will return and everything will be easier.  Now, as an old timer myself,  I realize they were LYING- there is no “normal” real estate market.  Every cycle brings it’s challenges and unique dramas.  This is the New Reality and I am loving it!

So, how do I celebrate my 25 years of Real Estate?  Some of you know that my Twitter Bio says, “I take my real estate business very seriously.  Me?  Not so much.”  In that vein, I bring you, “The 25 Years of Hair”.


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  1. Sandy Abrahams says:

    You definitely got better with age!!
    Great video. You don’t look old enough to be in real estate for 25 years.

  2. Joanne Pingry says:

    My favorite is 2002. Maybe because that is the year I met you!! You look fabulous throughout. I did enjoy seeing those shoulder pads too!!

  3. Kendyl says:

    Thanks, Joanne! Glad you enjoyed it.

  4. Kendyl says:

    Thanks, Phyllis!

  5. Helen Sabo says:

    Adorable video! I remember all of those ‘dos. 😀

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