Kendyl’s Manifesto – 2013

Awesome Nija Skills!!In preparing for a national web show that I was on tonight,  I brought up a post I wrote last January.  The show was about delivering a great customer experience.

This post is my manifesto and you can read the original post here.  The funny thing is,  it is almost entirely about how I can deliver the best experience possible for my clients.  At the time, I thought it was simple common sense- I thought everyone obsessed over how the home buying or selling process worked for the client.

Here is an excerpt:

  • I always start the conversation with the question, “How Can I Help You?”
  • Respect for the client dictates all of my communication habits.
    • I answer my own phone, I respect the person in front of me and I return all calls and messages by the end of the day.
  • I anticipate problems
  • I act as a voice of calm reason
  • The Customer Experience
    • I want the experience to be
      • Convenient
      • Predictable
      • Calm
      • Informed
  • The Realtor Experience
    • I treat Realtors with the same respect I give my customers.

This year I found out that I am unusual, unique and a little odd. It is not normal to obsesses over the client the way I do.   It also turns out that my ideas are resonating all over the United States.  Most training for Realtors revolves around how to make more money, but many are hungry for guidance on how to be better Realtors for their clients.


The hunger is so great that I was named to a list of the 100 Most Influential Leaders in Real Estate, in part, because I love teaching others about delivering outstanding customer experience.

Do you want a Realtor who has invested years of hard work into making your home buying or home selling experience great?  I hope you will consider me.  Every person and every situation is unique and I am excited to find out how to make YOUR experience the very best it can be.


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