Manifesto or,”What Does Kendyl Stand For?”

My ManifestoI am working on my business plan for 2012.  I do this every year- budget, calendar, activities, staff, standards.

Every year I ponder the question, “why should a client choose to work with me and not any other Realtor?”.

The answers are vital.  They shape what I do and how I invest in my business to improve my customer’s experience.  I never stop wondering, how can I be truly excellent?.

However, after nearly 25 years of pondering these questions, I have never published my business standards, policies and aims- my “manifesto”. This is not an original idea- it started with a Realtor I respect in Arizona- but I think it is an important idea.  If you are considering working with me to sell your home you should know what I stand for.

So, here it goes.

I always start the conversation with the question, “How Can I Help You?”

It helps to remind me of my purpose. I am here to help you achieve your goals and to facilitate the sale of my listings.

Respect for the client dictates all of my communication habits.

I answer my own phone, I respect the person in front of me and I return all calls and messages by the end of the day.

My goal is to get you what you need with as few steps as possible.  If I don’t answer the phone it is because I am respecting the time of person who called before you.  However, you are just as important, and I will call you back the moment I am able.

I anticipate problems

A majority of the delays, drama and frustration that I see in a real estate transaction could be avoided- if only agents had planned in advance.  Surprises are inevitable, but experience and a solid business plan can keep them to a minimum.

I act as a voice of calm reason

Real estate is often emotionally charged and bad decisions are made for “the principle of the matter”.  I am highly skilled at diffusing tense situations and allowing people the space to consider what is truly in their best interests.

The Customer Experience

When a customer chooses to sell their home with me I expect to get the them the highest price possible.

In addition, I want the experience to be

  • Convenient
  • Predictable
  • Calm
  • Informed

The Realtor Experience

My fellow Realtors are also very important.  My goal is to motivate the entire Realtor population to sell my listings because I make it easier for them to do their jobs and get paid.

Therefore, I treat Realtors with the same respect I give my customers.

Now, true confession. This manifesto is my ideal self, and I am not ideal all of the time.  Sometimes I am cranky and ill tempered.  Sometimes my ego gets in the way (a dear realtor friend once said, “My ego is not my amigo”).

But, on balance, I hit these standards most of the time.  I know what I stand for and I know what I want my customers (and colleagues) to experience.   If these standards suit you,  leave your contact info and we can chat.  There is no obligation and there will be no pressure.

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