Realtor Fees- Are They too High?

Realtor Fees- Are They Too High? If you are thinking of buying or selling a home , you probably would like to know what a Realtor does to justify those big fees, right?

What are you paying for?

By way of telling you what you should look for, I first want to tell you what NOT to look for.

Have you ever heard of  There are a number of websites like this- people who have little time to get things done can find people who have time and need to earn money.  Tell the site what you want and they put you together with a TaskRabbit who will get it done.  Event help, administration help, deliver, clean, pack- these are fairly low level tasks, and TaskRabbit finds a low cost way to get them done.

How does this relate to Real Estate?

I think most consumers consider Realtors as glorified TaskRabbits.  They feel our job is to find a house, show a house, fill out the contract, make the appointments and find qualified professionals for inspections, title and escrow.  Home sellers think we are paid to run splashy ads, staff the open house and bring them (as in, “deliver”) a great offer.  They see negotiation as little more than a messenger service provided by the agent.  These are services that could be outsourced to a TaskRabbit- albeit a slightly more trained (and licensed)one.

It is little wonder that consumers feel we are overpaid.

Sadly, often, the consumer is not wrong.  I find that many Realtors do little more than TaskRabbit service, though most are unaware of it.  Many well intentioned Realtors are out there with little training and even less experience doing the very best job they can.  They are accomplishing task after task in the name of “service”, hoping that the client will be happy and that they will get paid.

But, opening a door or emailing a contract is NOT the service of a highly trained professional.

So, what does a highly trained professional do for you?

  • Takes the time to truly understand your unique priorities
  • Crafts a thoughtful strategy on how to deliver those priorities
  • Makes sure you understand all your choices and the consequences of your choices
  • Understands all the “What if’s” and strategizes the best path for you
  • Adjusts her workflow for your maximum convenience
  • Is a brilliant problem solver
  • Is your trusted advisor and advocate

I don’t find a house for you- I make it possible for you to own it.  I don’t bring buyers to your home- I find a way to maximize the entire marketplace for you. I don’t email offers- I negotiate to the mat and deliver the best possible outcome for your final decision.

I am not a TaskRabbit.  I am a Realtor and I am licensed to negotiate.

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  1. Steve says:

    Hey Kendyl,

    The frustrating thing about MOST realtor is that they are looking for the quick buck. They have slightly more knowledge then their clients and yet they take lots of money for doing very little.

    Now Kendyl you are different. When you helped us find a house you listened to us, you took your time to learn what we wanted and even after months of looking you never gave up on us until you found the right place for us! Then you advised us professionally and when other realtor’s encouraged us to act in an unethical manner you kept your professionalism straight and wouldn’t be swayed by the lure of easy money. You did the right thing.

    Then when the escrow company really made lots of mistakes with our closing, you went to them and got us a refund. You then surprised us with the refund. You under promised and over delivered. You were incredible and worth every penny you got paid. When and if we ever sell our property you will be tho only Realtor that we call.

  2. Ray Schmitz says:

    I like your last point, about being “trusted advisor and advocate” the most! Task rabbits can do much, but perhaps never this.

  3. Kendyl says:

    Thank you Ray! The average consumer has much higher standards and we Realtors need to recognize and meet those standards (exceed them, even)

  4. Very well said Kendyl!

  5. Kendyl says:

    I am posting this for Melissa:
    This post on the “Task Rabbit” is awesome. I’ve been feeling frustrated by the way some agents won’t make a phone call to negotiate an offer, opting instead to just send an email. This post cleared up why I feel frustrated. It won’t solve the problem, but I may use your quote “I don’t email offers, I negotiate to the mat and deliver the best possible outcome…”
    Thank you,

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